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Shared Services

Shared Services Concept

Print friendly Modified September 2, 2010

Designed to better serve University System of Georgia internal and external customers

Goal six of the Board of Regents Strategic Plan calls for achieving best-in-class efficiencies for administrative support functions in the University System of Georgia.

One of the approaches to achieve these best-in-class efficiencies is through the concept of Shared Services.

What is Shared Services?

Shared Services is the consolidation and streamlining of an organization’s administrative support functions, such as payroll and accounts payable, into a “Shared Services Center” to ensure the most efficient and effective service delivery possible.

Why Shared Services?

The shared services model will enable the University System to increase the quality and consistency of information, increase functionality and service to customers, facilitate the management and control of risk – especially where one person is performing a critical function, and reduce costs through economies of scale. The most tangible benefits will be around processes, people and technology:

Over the past months, teams from the University System Office and the 35 institutions have been exploring the shared services concept in order to develop the best possible roadmap for the Board of Regents’ consideration.

Clearly, such an important project for the System and its staff is one that will generate many questions and observations. To be successful, such a critical project calls for clear transparency in terms of information and communication. This new website is one of the many ways in which interested parties can share information and learn about the shared services concept.

Individuals can download the white paper, access a list of the shared services implementation team, provide feedback and ask questions by clicking the buttons in the navigation bar on the left.