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Guidelines for Use of University System Trademarks

  1. Trademarks bearing reference to the University System of Georgia or any of its educational institutions shall not be depicted upon or affixed to any services, goods, or items in a manner which may cause embarrassment or ridicule to the Board of Regents or its institutions.

  2. University system trademarks shall not be licensed for the manufacture, sale, promotion, advertisement, or distribution of the following services, items, materials, or articles:

    a. alcoholic beverages
    b. religious services, goods, or artifacts
    c. sexually-oriented devices or goods
    d. goods which make unfavorable reference to the race, sex, national origin, or handicap of any person
    e. toilet seats and the like
    f. any item which does not meet minimum standards of quality and good taste as determined solely by the Board of Regents

For purposes of this policy, the term trademark shall include all trademarks, trade names, seals, symbols, slogans, emblems, designs, and logotypes developed by or associated with the University System or any of its institutions or representatives of the same, whether registered, or not yet registered by the Board of Regents under federal and state trademark statutes.

*Adopted November 10, 1982

*Modified February 13, 2008 (“burial items” removed from itemized list) - See February 2008 Board Minutes

These Guidelines for Use of University System Trademarks are established and promulgated pursuant to Board of Regents Policy 6.2 Use of Institution Names, Symbols, and Trademarks, and Policy 6.3 Intellectual Properties.