Real Estate and Facilities

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Building Projects Procedures Manual (BPPM) Update


The USG Real Estate & Facilities’ Building Project Procedures Manual (BPPM) documents the processes and procedures for planning, design, construction and closeout of capital projects. USG institutions, program managers, design professionals and construction professionals use the BBPM instructions, forms, checklists and other due diligence items to ensure that projects meet program, budget, schedule, legal, environmental and regulatory compliance goals.

The intent of this update is to provide a web-based document that provides information for the use of each stakeholder to navigate through the process of implementing new construction, renovation/addition or infrastructure projects regardless of the source of funding.


  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Established Communication Portal
  • Identifed Guiding Principles/Objectives
  • Engagement & Discovery
  • Staff Workshops

Next Steps

  • Survey Outreach
  • Preliminary Outline
  • Prepare Draft Manual