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Exceptions to Maximum Credit Hour Requirements

Exceptions to maximum credit hour requirements represent waivers to degree credit-hour length. Such waivers are analyzed to determine if institutional credit creep has occurred with regard to a specific degree and/or major before submission to the Board for approval. The request is submitted to the Office of Academic Programs.

Requests for credit hour waivers can be made for baccalaureate programs that exceed the 120-hour limit or master’s programs that exceed the 36-semester hour limit.

Below are the elements required to make a request for waiver to degree credit-hour length:

  1. Degree requested for an extension of credit hours;

  2. Rationale for credit hour increase;

  3. External accrediting body that has mandated a change to curricula nationwide;

  4. Documentation of external accrediting body requirements;

  5. Curriculum program of study before and after the increase;

  6. Statement of impact on students and student matriculation; and

  7. Statement of impact on faculty and faculty workload.