Academic Programs

Academic Affairs Division

Degree and/or Major Termination Process

The process for terminating a program often begins at the campus level. Academic programs are reviewed by their departments, units, or divisions to determine whether termination of the program should occur immediately or in the near future.

Termination of a program may occur outright or after the program has been placed on a deactivated status. The deactivation or temporary suspension of a program is not a requisite for termination. A request for such action is submitted by the President or Vice President for Academic Affairs to the Office of Academic Programs.

If a department, unit, or division seeks the termination of an academic program, the following information must be satisfactorily investigated to ascertain impacts on students and faculty:

  1. A confirmation that no students are currently matriculating through the program;
  2. A confirmation that any remaining students in the program have been appropriately advised and are willing to obtain an alternative degree;
  3. A confirmation that termination of the program will not have an adverse impact on faculty members or students.

Termination of an academic program (e.g., majors and/or stand-alone degrees) requires Board approval.

Any reinstatement of a terminated program, regardless of using parts or the entire former curriculum, must be handled as and requires submission of a proposal for a new program.