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Records Management and Archives

Records Retention Schedules

Print friendly Modified May 3, 2010

The revised schedules for the retention and/or disposition of the following university system records are based upon the requirements of the Georgia Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-90 et seq.). This version includes revised schedules as filed with the Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State as of April 1, 2009.

USG Records Retention Manual (Revised March 30, 2010)

N1 Equipment Inventory Records

Explanation: This series documents the acquisition, location, transfer, and disposition of state-owned property and equipment. This series may include but is not limited to: equipment inventory lists; physical inventory information cards; equipment inventory forms; lost/stolen property reports; damage or loss of state property claim; equipment transfer forms and memos; property disposition requests; and related documentation and correspondence. The series may also include periodic equipment lists; returned departmental equipment inventory lists with annotations concerning resolution of problems associated with the accountability, physical condition, and physical location of specified pieces of equipment; and accountability and responsibility statements.

Record Copy: Property Management

Retention: 5 years after disposition of equipment

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Background Information: Previously Located in Series A43: Category: Administration

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