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Records Retention Schedules

Print friendly Modified May 3, 2010

The revised schedules for the retention and/or disposition of the following university system records are based upon the requirements of the Georgia Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-90 et seq.). This version includes revised schedules as filed with the Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State as of April 1, 2009.

USG Records Retention Manual (Revised March 30, 2010)

G2 Academic and Unclassified Employees Personnel Records (Supervisor’s Copy)

Explanation: This series documents the academic employee's work history maintained in the office of the dean, director, department head, or vice provost. It includes evaluative materials and non-evaluative information such as job title, rank, full-time equivalency (FTE) or appointment percentage, dates of employment, salary, employing department, education and employment background. Some of the documents comprising this series include confidential information such as social security number, birth date, and marital status. These records may be for full-time, part-time, and/or courtesy academic employees. Records may include but are not limited to: Activity Reports; copies of Affirmative Action Compliance Data Forms; Applications for Admission to Graduate School; applications, contracts, and other records for sabbatical leave; emeritus faculty status letters; Employee Emergency Medical Information Forms; Applications for Academic Employment; Athletic Contracts/Overseas Agreements; Awards; Conditions of Employment Forms; Notices of Appointment; Overload Compensation Requests; Patent Rights Waivers; Pay/Budget Action Forms; Periodic Reviews of Faculty letters and records; forms documenting personnel actions, including Salary Adjustments and Summer Session Appointments; professional development records; Proposals for Academic Appointment; recommendations; reports of conferences attended; Staff Reports of Service to the Institution; Periodic Reviews of Administrators Summaries; reprimands; Requests for Approval for Outside Employment; resumes or curriculum vitae; Retirement Agreements; Sick Leave Accrual Forms; Teaching Evaluations; Student Evaluations of Faculty Summary Reports; Technology Transfer Agreements; Tenure Relinquishment Agreements; Employment Eligibility Verifications (Form I-9); Vacation Leave Report Forms; home address/telephone disclosures; and other relevant documents and correspondence, including commendations, letters from the chair or the dean concerning the nature of the faculty member's appointment and the expectations of the faculty member, letters granting fellowship, letter of position offer, letter of resignation, memoranda of agreement, Notices of Disciplinary Action, Notices of Layoff, unsolicited letters praising teaching or participation in a conference, applicable references and employee relations. Records may be exempt from public disclosure.

Record Copy: Institutional executive offices, Colleges, Units

Retention: 3 years after employee separation

Citation or Reference: O.C.G.A. 9-3-24

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