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Records Management and Archives

Records Retention Schedules

Print friendly Modified May 3, 2010

The revised schedules for the retention and/or disposition of the following university system records are based upon the requirements of the Georgia Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-90 et seq.). This version includes revised schedules as filed with the Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State as of April 1, 2009.

USG Records Retention Manual (Revised March 30, 2010)

Series: A: Administration |B: Academic Affairs |C: Auxiliary Services |D: Information Management and Planning |E: Intercollegiate Athletics |F: Library/Archives/Records Management and Museum |G: Human Resources |H: Publications/Promotions and Alumni Relations |I: Research |J: Police/Security and Safety |K: Student Records |L: Student Affairs |M: Finance |N: Property Management and Control |O: Legal

A125 Finding Aids (Indexes) or Tracking Systems

Explanation: This record consists of electronic indexes, lists, registers and other finding aids used only to provide access to records authorized for destruction by this general schedule, EXCLUDING records containing abstracts or other information that can be used as an information source apart from the related records. Finding aids and tracking systems of program units other than data processing units should be scheduled by the responsible program unit in conjunction with the related program records. Electronic indexes, lists, registers, and other finding aids. Databases associated with imaging/document management systems.

Record Copy: Institutional Archive

Retention: Permanent

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A126 Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plans (Refer to A-17)

Explanation: This series consist of records related to the protection and reestablishment of data processing services and equipment in case of a disaster. These records may exist in either paper or electronic form. They should be backed-up or copies made, with some copies stored off-site in secure location. The plans should be updated on a regular basis and all personnel should be trained in the procedure for implementation of the plans. Disaster recovery manuals, Business continuity plans, inventories, procedure plans, contact lists.

Record Copy: Board of Regents, Facilities, and units

Retention: Destroy after 5 years after superseded by revised plan and after audit requirement is met. Note: Agencies should store disaster preparedness and recovery plans in a secure area off-site all computer installation to which they refer.

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A127 Building Construction and Renovation Contracts


Record Copy:


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Background Information: Also reference N13 and O7

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