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Information Security and ePrivacy

Security Maturity

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​​NOTE:  If at least 7 registrations are not received the course will be cancelled.

It is important to adapt a security architecture that ensures security-related tasks are deployed correctly and are linked to business goals and risk levels. In order to explore and identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security, a wide-range information security maturity model has been developed as a tool to evaluate the ability of the organization to meet security objectives while achieving its mission despite attacks.

This course covers the proposed security maturity model and its five core indicators for benchmarking security needs, and the process that manages, measures, and controls all aspects of security.

When: June 19, 2015 9:00 AM

Where: ITS-Athens Classroom 105

Sponsored By: USG InfoSec & ePrivacy

Length: 1 day

Presenter(s): USG InfoSec & ePrivacy Team


​State Government

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