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Information Security and ePrivacy

Risk Management

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‚ÄčNOTE:  If at least 7 registrations are not received the course will be cancelled.

This course is about identifying mission critical IT assets, analyzing associated security risks and developing security & mission continuity plans which include:

  • Creating a risk management program
  • Conducting inventories of sensitive and critical assets
  • Performing a risk assessment & analyzing the risk
  • Selecting security/privacy baseline controls (policies, technology and awareness) for assets
  • Applying baseline controls and monitoring
  • How to conduct a business impact analysis
  • How to utilize the online USG IT/IS Risk Management Tool

When: March 19, 2015 9:00 AM

Where: ITS-Athens Classroom 105

Sponsored By: USG InfoSec & ePrivacy Team

Length: 2 days

Presenter(s): USG InfoSec & ePrivacy Team


State agency security professionals

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