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Information Security and ePrivacy

Continuity of Operations Planning (C.O.O.P.)

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NOTE:  If at least 7 registrations are not received the course will be cancelled.

Risks exist. Events can occur that could have a catastrophic impact on your data center, your data, and potentially your entire organization. To think that a disaster or some type of emergency will never happen to your organization is more than naïve. It’s irresponsible. Our goal is to help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This course and its accompanying workbook will guide you through the steps required to build a formal disaster recovery plan. This course will be held on April 15-17 at the Information Technology Services (ITS) facility in Athens, GA.

When: April 30, 2015 9:00 AM

Where: ITS-Athens Classroom 104

Sponsored By: USG InfoSec & ePrivacy Team

Length: 2 days

Presenter(s): USG InfoSec & ePrivacy Team


Information Officers Information Technologist

Risk Managers

Disaster Recovery Planners

Business Planners

Emergency Operations Planners


Facility Managers

Public Safety

C-Level Public and a Private Sector

Cyber Workforce

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