IT Audit Update by Kenyatta Morrison

Presentation by Kenyatta Morrison, Director of Internal Audit and Compliance, USG

Cyber Fusion Program Overview by Walter Tong

Presentation by Walter Tong, Cyber Analytic Lead, Georgia Technology Authority

Planning for Emergency Campus Communications by Adam Arrowood

Presentation by Adam Arrowood, Research Scientist, Georgia Tech

House Bill 60 - Guns Everywhere and the USG by Wayne Wilcox

Presentation by Wayne Wilcox, Chief of Police, AASU

Achieving Successful Audit Outcomes by Cara King

Presentation by Cara King, Information Technology Auditor, Internal Audit and Compliance, USG

Keeping Cybersecurity Awareness Interesting and Relevant by Stephen Gay

Presentation by Stephen Gay, CISO, KSU

LanDesk by Billy Nelson

Presentation by Billy Nelson, LANDesk

Passwords are No Longer Sufficient by Brian Rivers

Presentation by Brian Rivers, CISO, UGA

Update to the USG CISO's by Curt Carver

Presentation by Curt Carver, CIO,USG