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Online Training

Online GeorgiaFirst Training is a new training initiative through GeorgiaVIEW Vista. The number of training modules currently available is limited, however, as new modules become available, we will post them here and send an announcement via the FIRST-LF list serv.

Enrollment Instructions:

Once enrolled into course(s), you will receive notification and login instructions, as well as beginning and ending course access dates. Participants will have three months to complete the course and successfully pass the end-of-course assessment to receive credit for the training. If more time is needed, an extension will be granted if the participant requests an extension before the last day of access to the course. However, access to the course will be denied after three months if a request for extension is not received by the original end date of the course, and course completion will be considered ‘Incomplete’. To access the course again, the participant will need to re-register for the course. Upon successful completion of the end-of-course assessment, the participant will receive a training certificate indicating the number of training hours earned. See the Online Course Flyer below for information about Continuing Education (CPE) Credits.

Online GeorgiaFIRST Training Modules:

Open the PDF file for detailed information regarding the course.

  • Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials v9.2
    This course is designed to introduce a new user to what PeopleSoft Financials is, how it works within GeorgiaFIRST Financials, and what some of the basic elements are within PeopleSoft Financials.

  • Query Course 1: Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials Web Query
    This is the first course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. It is an introduction to what Web Query is, how relational databases work, and how to work with predefined queries. Headphones/speakers are required for this course.

  • Query Course 2: Creating a Basic Query This is the second course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. This course details the steps that are required to begin building a basic query. It details the foundation of building all queries, which is selecting a primary record and its fields, as well as how to edit how the results look after running the query.

  • Query Course 3: Adding Selection Criteria to Your Query This is the third course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. This course details what selection criteria are and how to add it to your queries. The lessons in the course cover many different types of selection criteria you can use.

  • Query Course 4: Using Run-Time Prompts in your Query
    This is the fourth course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. This course illustrates how to add run-time prompts to your queries, enabling you to input new parameters each time you run a saved query, without having to edit the criteria.

  • Query Course 5: Using Aggregates in Your Query
    This is the fifth course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. This course introduces you how to apply an aggregate function to your query. Within Web Query, you can use aggregate functions such as SUM, COUNT, etc.

  • Query Course 6: Joining Tables in Your Query
    This is the sixth course in the series of PeopleSoft Financials Web Query courses. This course details how to join multiple tables in a query through the use of Record Hierarchy Joins, Related Record Joins, and Any Record Joins.

  • AM Course 1: Introduction to Asset Management
    This is the first online course in the Asset Management section. This is a basic introduction to the Asset Management module in PeopleSoft Financials.

  • AM Course 2: Crating Assets Manually
    This second Asset Management course centers on what types of assets must be added to the system manually, and how to add them. In addition, this course covers how to copy an asset in the system, as well as how to create a Parent-Child relationship between assets.

  • AM Course 3: Integrating Asset Management with Purchasing and Accounts Payable This third Asset Management Course centers on the primary method of adding assets to the system, which is through the Payables/Purchasing Interface. This course reviews how Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Vouchers are created for assets, as well as how to run each step of the Integration process.

  • AM Course Course 4: Working with Existing Assets This is the fourth online course in the Asset Management section. This course concentrates on reviewing those tasks you may need to perform in order to maintain existing assets. This includes making physical information changes, financial adjustments, and book adjustments. This course also details asset depreciation and asset retirement.Online_GeorgiaFIRST_Training_Enrollment_Form.docxonline_course_flyer_rev08-20-2014.pdf