Academic Common Market

for the University System of Georgia

Georgia Academic Common Market

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I submit the Georgia Academic Common Market (ACM) application? Return the completed application to the address on the form. Please note: Your signature on the application must be notarized.

  • What documents are required besides the ACM application? When you return your ACM application you must include an acceptance letter that has the name of your major. See Request for Out-of-State Program Access

  • How do I obtain residency certification? Contact your county courthouse and ask for the Superior Court Judge (Highest Judge). Some counties do not have a Superior Court Judge, and in those cases the Probate Judge is acceptable.

  • How long do I need to be a Georgia resident before I can apply for ACM? You must be a resident for 12 consecutive months.

  • Will I receive any money? No. You will not receive any money. Your clarification will be in-state and you will not pay out-of-state fees.

  • Can Georgia educational scholarships be used for tuition? No. Scholarships such a HOPE and Zell Miller can not be used for tuition cost.

  • Can I double major? Yes. If both majors are a part of the Academic Common Market.

  • Can I change majors? If you want to change majors and you have been certified, check with the school for guidelines and send a new acceptance letter including the new degree major.

  • Will I have to reapply each year? No. Once you are certified you will remain certified until you complete your major. If you have a break in attendance or change your major during your course of study, you might be asked to reapply for ACM status. In that case, you will only need to send a new acceptance letter showing your major and effective date for recertification.

  • Where can I view a list of ACM programs? Visit and go to the Academic Common Market section.

  • If the program I want is not listed, can I still get ACM? Georgia is currently NOT processing requests for the addition of new programs to the ACM inventory. Georgia residents may only select programs from the state’s currently approved list. Sorry, no exceptions.

  • Is there a deadline to apply? No. Check with the school for their guidelines.