Academic Common Market

for the University System of Georgia

Georgia Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is a cooperative tuition reduction agreement among 16 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) states. If the public institutions in your home state do not offer degree programs in your field or study, it may be possible to arrange a wavier of out of state tuition to attend a cooperating public institution of higher education in another participating state. Periodic changes are made in the program inventory.

Write directly to the college or university for admission information concerning the program of interest. Once you have been accepted into one of these programs and can prove you are a legal resident of Georgia, contact the State Coordinator for the Academic Common Market at the address listed below to certify your eligibility. See: Procedures and Criteria for Academic Common Market

THE STATE OF GEORGIA has made arrangements for its residents to have access to programs though the Academic Common Market. Additional programs may be accessed if they are in keeping with the Program Guidelines.

Participating States: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida (graduate programs only), Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina (graduate programs only), Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (graduate programs only), Virginia, West Virginia.

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