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Administrative Personnel

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Chancellor's Office

Name Title Phone
Chancellor Hank M. Huckaby Chancellor 404-656-2202
Sabrina Thompson Executive Assistant to the Chancellor 404-656-2202


Name Title Phone
Mr. Charles Sutlive Vice Chancellor 404-962-3053

Internal Audit and Compliance

Name Title Phone
Mr. John Fuchko, III Chief Audit Officer & Associate Vice Chancellor 404-962-3025

Academic Affairs

Name Title Phone
Dr. Houston Davis Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer 404-962-3060
Dr. Joyce A. Jones Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs 404-962-3110
Mr. Mark Lytle Vice Chancellor, Economic Development 404-962-3081
Dr. Marci M. Middleton Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs 404-962-3065
Dr. Linda Noble Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 404-962-3077
Mr. Ben Robinson Executive Director 404-962-3064
Dr. Michael S. Rogers Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Faculty Development 404-962-3066
Mr. Christopher M. Davidson, J.D. Director, Georgia Archives 678-364-3710
Mr. Robert Anderson Vice Chancellor, Educational Access and Success 404-962-3134
Dr. Felita Williams Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Planning 404-962-3067
Ms. Julie Walker State Librarian, Georgia Public Library Service 404-235-7140
Dr. Cecil Staton Vice Chancellor, Extended Education 404-962-3074
Merryll S. Penson Executive Director, Library Services 706-583-2007

Administrative and Fiscal Affairs

Name Title Phone
Dr. Steve Wrigley Executive Vice Chancellor of Administration 404-962-3239
Ms. Shelley C. Nickel Vice Chancellor, Planning 404-962-3241
Mr. John E. Brown Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs 404-962-3200
Dr. Curtis A. Carver, Jr. Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer 404-962-3300
Mr. Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUA Vice Chancellor, Facilities 404-962-3155
Ms. Marion Fedrick Vice Chancellor, Human Resources 404-962-3246

External Affairs

Name Title Phone
Mr. Tom Daniel Sr. Vice Chancellor, External Affairs 404-656-2212
Dr. Christina Hobbs Business Development Manager 404-657-2514
Ms. Amanda D. Seals Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations 404-657-7075