Information Technology Services

Awareness, Training and Outreach

This directive establishes the Cybersecurity Awareness,Training and Education Program for information resources supporting the USG’s mission. All USG cybersecurity organizations must implement information technology regulations regarding security of information and information resources. The Cybersecurity Awareness program will address the cybersecurity concerns that apply to USG mission needs. For more information, refer to the Information Technology Handbook, Security Awareness, Training and Education Section 5.9.

USG Cybersecurity will provide an Annual Security Awareness presentation for USG institutions, the USO, the GPLS, and the Georgia Archives. Each participant organization is welcome to use the presentation in whole or in part, or to create on in-house security awareness training for their environment. Also, the USG Cybersecurity team is ready, willing, and able to come to your location and present the Annual Security Awareness presentation to students, faculty, or staff. Please call or email to schedule the annual presentation (first scheduled, first served).