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Students with fewer than 30 transferable semester credit hours must meet the freshman admission requirements at the institution to which they are transferring. Students who have earned 30 or more semester hours must have completed any learning support and Required High School Curriculum deficiency requirements if transferring from a System institution. Depending on the sector of the institution to which students transfer, students must meet the transfer grade point average, as indicated in the following table:

Minimum System Admission Standards for Transfer Students
Research Universities At least 2.30 GPA** and have met all LS and RHSC requirements At least 2.30 GPA
Regional and State Universities At least 2.00 GPA** and have met all LS and RHSC requirements At least 2.00 GPA
State and Associate Degree Colleges Eligible to continue or return to sending institution Eligible to continue or return to sending institution

* Transferable Hours are defined as hours which would be acceptable by the receiving institution according to the University System’s and the receiving institution’s prevailing policies. Excluded are institutional credit courses, Required High School Curriculum deficiency makeup courses, and vocational courses. These hours should include transferable hours earned at all postsecondary institutions attended.

**Transfer GPA is defined as the GPA calculated on all transferable hours (see previous definition) plus all attempted but unearned hours at regionally accredited institutions in courses applicable to transfer programs at the receiving institution.

Students completing non-transfer associate degrees (e.g., Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science in various health areas, and Associate of Applied Technology) at regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine their eligibility for admission.

Priority Consideration

In addition to the minimum transfer standards listed above, students must meet higher System and/or institutional standards to be considered for priority transfer admission. Institutions must give priority consideration for admission to students transferring from another University System institution who meet these established standards. Students meeting these higher standards would be ensured of receiving priority consideration for admission. In addition, transfer students must be given the same consideration as native students in determining program admissibility.

Reference: Academic Affairs Handbook, Section 402.0102 – 402.0103—Undergraduate Admission Requirements for Transfer Students