Web Site Information

University System of Georgia

Web Content Guidelines

  • All pages must be approved by a divisional director or web administration before being placed on the WWW.
  • Remember, your document will be accessible to anyone on the Internet. Your document represents not only you and your division, but the entire BOR and USG as well, and should be professional and consistent with the rest of the USG WWW.
  • The WWW audience is literally worldwide; be careful to ensure that posting the information on the USG WWW will not violate any copyrights, restrictions, or agreements. For example, do not post information that would violate a non-disclosure agreement.
  • All documents must contain a “Last Updated” date and must be checked regularly and updated as needed by the creator of the page or web administration if so arranged.
  • All documents must be “signed” by the creator by using the author meta tag (see Standards for University System of Georgia Web Environments). (Note: This signature is visible only in the source code; it is not viewable by a web browser.) No page on the USG web server may be removed or altered by anyone other than the author of that page without the consent of the author except in the case of administrative changes performed by web staff.
  • Within the USG web site, each page of level three and above must be written in a uniform format. Each page should contain the standard navigational features, including the “Leave a Comment” option. The comments will be sent by default to web administration; if desired, the comments for pages can be directed to a different individual. (Note: It is highly recommended, but not mandatory, that all pages on the USG site follow this format.)

Pages should not include the following:

  • “mailto:” links to individuals who have not specifically requested the link.
  • unimplemented links and links to pages that inform the visitor that “this area is not developed yet.” Every page should contain useful information before being linked within the web structure.
  • excessively large graphics that can be compressed for faster display or better resolution.
  • links to commercial entities. It is the general policy of the BOR to avoid linking to commercial WWW sites and thereby making implicit endorsements; however, links to companies that provide goods or services specifically of interest to the BOR, ITS, and USG institutions are not prohibited.
  • copyrighted material in any form unless permission from the original copyright owner is explicitly granted.
  • any information pertaining to other individuals who object to the information being placed on the WWW.
  • any material that might be reasonably considered abusive, profane, harassing, or sexually offensive.

See the Standards for University System of Georgia Web Environments for general guidelines governing the USG web presence.