Regents Academic Committee on Libraries

University System of Georgia

RACL Spring 1999 Meeting

Amicalola Falls State Park
April 15 - 16, 1999

Attending: Raj Ambardekar, Nancy Anderson, Liz Bagley, Charles Beard, Betty Childres (for Bob Williams), Laura Davidson, Byron Drew, Kim Eccles (for Wanda Crenshaw), Bob Fox, Tom Frieling, George Gaumond, Ann Hamilton, Debbie Holmes, Charlene Hurt, Marilyn Lary, Ben Lee, Tamera Lee, Kay Lowry, Jim Macklin, Callie McGinnis, Marilyn Miller, Joyce Mills, Bill Nelson, Eddie Pearson (for LaVerne McLaughlin), Merryll Penson (for Bill Potter), Robert Quarles (for Wanda Crenshaw), Bill Richards, Brenda Sellers, Al Spivey, Carole Taylor, Ken Venet (for Mary Jo Fayoyin), Vera Weisskopf, Julius Whitaker, Julia Zimmerman. Ex Officio: Jayne Williams. Guests: Kris Biesinger, Sandra Stratford

April 15, 1999

Julia Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 835. Members of RACL and guests were introduced.

Nominating Committee - Bill Nelson presented the nominees for RACL, GALILEO, and GIL open positions for FY 2000. For RACL/GALILEOChair Elect - Bob Fox and Charles Beard; for Secretary - Ann Hamilton and Tamera Lee; for two at-large GALILEO Steering Committee positions - Raj Ambardekar, Shamima Amin, Brenda Sellers, and Vera Weisskopf. For GIL Steering CommitteeMCG or Valdosta State - Tamera Lee and George Gaumond; State University/Four-Year College - Joyce Mills and Callie McGinnis; Two-year College - Mary Jo Fayoyin and Eva Lautemann; At-large - Marilyn Miller and Jeannie Blakely.

BOR/OIIT Technology Principles - Kris Biesinger spoke about the technology principles and action items being considered by the BOR. These areas were discussed in light of a document entitled "RACL's Response to Educational Technology and the Age of LearningTransforming the Enterprise." This document was prepared by Bill Potter to note how GALILEO and GIL have addressed several aspects of the technology principles and action items and to propose areas for further development/action.

The discussion was suspended at 930 to conduct the program "The Impact of Distance Learning on Library Services." The discussion resumed at 400. A draft document was produced and a subcommittee was appointed to refine the document before a final vote.

The meeting adjourned at 600 p.m.

April 16, 1999

Julia called the meeting to order at 830 a.m.

Jayne Williams distributed copies of the response to the BOR on technology principles and action items. The committee approved the response, which Jayne will transmit to Kris Biesinger.

University of South Carolina Library and Information Science Program - Julia introduced Gail Douglas, Assistant Dean of the USC College of Library and Information Science. Gail discussed the new sixth-year degree program that will be offered through distance learning in Georgia.

GALILEO Interconnected Libraries (GIL) - Merryll reported that all PALS libraries will convert to Voyager by the end of June and that UGA will go live on July 6th. She indicated that there was a need for more training and that she, Julia, and Tamera were looking at developing advanced training. Merryll reminded the committee that the Voyager User's Group meeting was the next week and that information gained at that meeting would be shared during the Georgia Voyager User's Group meeting scheduled for June 4th at Middle Georgia College. Bill Richards asked about the agenda for this meeting. Merryll stated that there would be a GIL update and that functional committees would meet. Merryll is continuing to work with Marcive on authority processing. Authority control will be important to the operation of a union catalog. She wants to conduct a Marcive workshop in the early fall and then also have an Endeavor workshop on authority control within Voyager. These workshops will be primarily for Phase I and II institutions.

There will be a GPO profiling workshop for depository libraries May 19th at Macon State. Merryll also expects a July workshop for Phase II libraries to discuss server site relationships, conversion considerations, etc. Phase II libraries will be receiving workstation funds.

Merryll stated that membership on GIL functional committees would remain the same for the upcoming year. She also noted that the state Department of Archives and History has requested to join GIL. RACL unanimously endorsed this inclusion. Merryll recommended a resolution of thanks to server site coordinators for their hard work this past year. Julia will coordinate this.

GIL Governance Document - Merryll introduced changes to the governance document to include1) a reduction in the number of server sites to four (UGA, GSU, MCG, and Georgia Tech); and 2) modifications to the Technical Committee structure. RACL approved these changes. Jayne will gather revised information on maintenance costs and distribute these as soon as possible.

Elections - Elections were held with the following results:
RACL/GALILEO Chair Elect - Bob Fox
RACL/GALILEO Secretary - Ann Hamilton
GALILEO At Large Positions - Raj Ambardekar and Brenda Sellers
GIL Steering Committee - George Gaumond, Callie McGinnis, Eva Lautemann, and Marilyn Miller

OPLS Report - David Singleton distributed samples of this summer's reading club materials. He noted that the Gates Library Foundation grant had been funded. This will provide hardware, software, and connectivity for public library systems. The ERate telecommunication discount has been approved. This will also help extend public library connectivity. The state has awarded SIRSI a contract to implement an integrated library system for public libraries. Libraries which have existing systems with Y2K problems will convert to the new system first. OPLS has a mobile training lab with 14 computers. This lab is available to public libraries and GOLD members. OPLS has completed a survey to determine the need for additional public library construction.

Statistics - George noted that IPEDS was being reorganized and that he was serving on the committee charged with that task. He mentioned that ACRL was also collecting library statistics. He displayed two publications based on 1994 IPEDS statistics. He asked if the statistics function should be an elected position or if someone else would be interested in assuming the statistics position. The RACL chair will appoint a committee to examine the issue.

GALILEO Steering Committee - Julia distributed a GALILEO progress report. Jayne indicated that she and Barbara Winters were gathering database pricing information.

RACL 1999/2000 Grant Application - Bill Nelson and Julia submitted an application for funding of a "packaged" LAMA program entitled "Integrating Learning with WorkDesigning the 21st Century Learning Library." If funded, the program will allow 100 participants so it will not be limited to RACL members.

Other RACL Business - Callie brought forth a request to move the 2000 RACL spring meeting to either March or May to avoid conflicts in April with budget preparation, the Voyager User's Group, etc. Charles also noted that the first day of the 1999 Rock Eagle Conference would conflict with the first day of COMO. Jayne will check to see if the fall RACL meeting can move to the Tuesday prior to the Rock Eagle Conference.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.