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SSL Certificate Service

University System of Georgia (USG) institutions have the opportunity to procure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates with strong encryption and authentication via USG’s contract with GeoTrust.


SSL certificates are available for $85.00 per certificate, per year. Other products requiring additional levels of authentication and complexity are also available. The more complex SSL certificates will be billed at $85 per point utilized in the GeoTrust TrueFlex Enterprise Security Center portal (portal). For example, if your SSL certificate request utilizes 3 points, your institution will be billed $255 for that certificate.


USG institutional CIO’s designate authorized organizational contacts who are authorized to purchase certificates. Authorized subscribers are given access to GeoTrust’s SSL certificate site to purchase certificates on behalf of an institution.

How to Order

Steps 1 and 2 are required only once to setup your GeoTrust TrueFlex Enterprise Security Center portal account.

1. Enroll in the program

Your institution’s CIO should notify the ITS Helpdesk that you would like to enroll in the program by providing the name and e-mail address of the individuals who are authorized to request (and thus ultimately purchase) SSL certificates associated with your institution’s domain names. The certificate vendor, GeoTrust, will identify these individuals as “subscribers” within the portal. In addition to your subscribers, please provide us with the names of the certificates you are planning to initially purchase.

2. Register for your Geotrust Trueflex Enterprise Security Center subscriber account

Each pending subscriber will receive an email invitation from with instructions on how to create a personalized subscriber login account within the portal. Subscribers will use their account to request and manage certificates.

3. Get a certificate
  1. Create your Certificate Signing Request (CSR). You will copy and paste your CSR information later into the portal. Below is important information that needs to be included in your CSR.
    —Country Name (C): US
    —State or Province (S): Georgia (spell out the state completely; do not abbreviate)
    —Locality or City (L): Athens (you can use Athens or your institution’s city)
    —Organization (O): Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (organization must match exactly; including case
    —Organizational Unit (OU): List your institution name as the OU
    —Common Name (CN): The Common Name is the Host + Domain Name. It looks like “” or “”.
  2. Login to the GeoTrust TrueFlex Enterprise Security Center portal
  3. Click Get a certificate
    —Select OV SSL
    —Select Validity Period 1 year
    —Click Continue
  4. Enter certificate information
    —Select Server type
    —Find, copy and then paste your CSR into the box
    —If needed, check Include subject alternative names (SANs) with this certificate box; Add SANs
    —Click Continue
  5. Review Order Summary
    —Edit Technical Contact. This ensures that the subscriber receives expiration notices.
    —Check I accept the terms of this agreement box
    —Click Submit
  6. Check your email for confirmations to complete the ordering process. Email subjects should be as follows:
    —GeoTrust TrueFlex Enterprise Security Center - Certificate Request Confirmation
    —Your GeoTrust TrueFlex SSL Certificate Is Ready

Known Issue

The GeoTrust portal notifies all subscribers that “Your subscription expires in X days on X” date. “Contact your administrator to renew the subscription”. This message relates to the overall USG subscription/contract renewal. Subscribers do not need to worry about this particular message as we are aware and we are working towards renewal.

Service Support

For service support contact our Helpdesk at: