Information Technology Services

Managed File Transfer User Documentation

This document is for users of Managed File Transfer, possibly in conjunction with another ITS service.

What? I thought I was using the ITS XYZ service! Some ITS services, such as Banner Managed Services, use Managed File Tranfer to augment capability. This service often serves to shuttle files between customers and backend systems. For many of you, it’s just a way to collaborate by sharing files.


  1. Client Application - computer software
  2. Client - The end-user node connecting to the Manged File Transfer server
  3. Server - the remote server which stores, serves, and receives files for clients
  4. Service - the general term to refer to Managed File Transfer
  5. Parent Service - the ITS service which is using Managed File Transfer for file exchange capabilities (e.g. Banner Managed Services)
  6. Project - the project for which the folders which you are accessing are intended
  7. Project Administrator - the technical contact for the project folders you are working in


If you need help, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Access Methods

The service can be access using any client application which supports one or more of the following protocols:

Accessing the Server

Server -

Username/Password - typically, these are your USO domain account credentials

The project administrator may allow you to use SSH keys or client certificates so that you can script and automate routine tasks. If so, attempt to login with a key or certificate. The key will be placed in a holding tank. Ask the project administrator to approve the key. Or, email the public key or fingerprint to the project administrator.

Forgot Your Password?

For customers using USO domain account credentials, simply login to to reset or unlock your password. Passwords locked for excessive retries are automatically unlocked after a few minutes.

If your project administrator has created a local user for you, the project administrator can reset the password for you.

Your Privileges

You will only see folders you can access. But, each folder has different permissions. You may be able to upload to some folders, but not others. The project administrator should be able to help you with access questions.

API Access

Managed File Transfer has an API. There is an SDK for Java and C#. But, we have used a deprecated perl library a lot. We’ve also figured out how to use the API directly, which is not well documented. The vast majority will be able to automate tasks with scripts using lftp, sftp, and similar tools. If you think the API may be a better approach, please let us know.

Note About Copying Files

If you copy a file or folder created by someone else, creator and creation dates will be retained.