Operations Division

Virtual Data Center

Deploy virtual machines in your public cloud. PeachNet’s Virtual Data Center service provides an ESX cluster environment using VMware’s Virtual Cloud Director (vCD) for University System of Georgia (USG) institutions and Georgia Department of Education K-12 school districts. The service leverages technical support through a dedicated team of ITS system administrators.


Use this estimator to get a feel for your annual costs.

Items Unit Price Qty Cost
Administration $3,450.00 $3,450.00
Virtual Machines $115.00 $460.00
RAM (GB) $49.00 $784.00
Storage (GB) $1.25 $125.00
Annual Estimate $4,819.00

Features and Benefits

High Availability

  • Load balancing
  • vSphere High Availability (HA) enabled
  • Datacenter backed by UPS and generator
  • Environment monitored for fail-over and performance

High Performance

  • Hardware refresh included
  • Storage provided by an EMC fiber channel SAN


  • Network isolation provided
  • Full control of virtual private firewall


  • Full management VM and vApp templates for rapid consistent deployment
  • Ability to delegate roles within a VDC organization allowing institutions to resell VMs to departments/schools within the organization, while maintaining control
  • Web portal for VM creation/management including console access
  • VMs are thin provisioned
  • Off-site backups available through our Cloud Backup service
  • Common OS install media available without uploading
  • Install any OS that vCD supports

Service and Support

For information on ordering this service contact Andrea Wilson and our PeachNet Cloud Services team at:

For service support contact our Helpdesk at: