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USG Officials Announce New ICAPP Bioscience Partnership

Atlanta — January 28, 2004

University System of Georgia officials today announced the creation of a new academic/corporate partnership that will boost the production of regulatory affairs professionals to support Georgia’s increasing emphasis on the biosciences industry.

The University System’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP) is administering a partnership between the University of Georgia ‘s College of Pharmacy and Georgia bioscience companies through ICAPP’s Innovations program. The initiative will include pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Cell Dynamics, Ciba Vision, CR Bard, Cryolife, Serologicals, Solvay Pharmaceuticals and UCB Pharma, who are joining with ICAPP to cover the program’s costs. After earning graduate-level certificates that can lead to Master of Science degrees, program graduates will fill vital bioscience regulatory positions.

“In Georgia, we help existing companies grow by asking what they need, listening to their responses and reacting accordingly,” stated Gov. Sonny Perdue. “ICAPP continues to help our state meet the high-tech workforce needs of current and potential employers by enabling us to act quickly to meet the demand for well-prepared college graduates. We are extremely pleased with this breakthrough program that is coveted by other states, because it helps to make Georgia a national leader.”

Initially, the new ICAPP initiative will spur the creation of 50 jobs in the regulatory affairs industry, which includes the areas of quality control and quality assurance. These highly educated employees will play a vital role in the manufacturing and testing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics and biotechnology. With an average annual salary exceeding $56,000, these workers are projected to contribute nearly $1 million to the state in the form of payroll taxes over a five-year period.

“The University System of Georgia is proud to help realize Governor Perdue’s vision of Georgia becoming a key player in the biosciences sector,” noted Chancellor Thomas C. Meredith. “ICAPP has an excellent track record of innovative partnering to meet the needs of business and industry. This new bioscience initiative promises to help Georgia create yet another successful economic development niche.”

To facilitate access to the new program, UGA pharmacy professors will employ Internet-based distance learning courses, augmented by traditional classes taught at the USG’s Gwinnett University Center. The “bricks-and-clicks” deliveries are aimed at expediting participants’ movement through the program.

Major bioscience employers are heralding the new initiative as a positive development. “This project shows foresight by the Board of Regents of the need to ensure the preparation of critical talent to meet Georgia’s workforce demands,” said David Dodd, president and chief executive officer of Serologicals and chairman of the Georgia Biomedical Partnership. “It reflects a real commitment by Georgia to the bioscience industry.”

The initiative also reflects the University System’s responsiveness to a recent study conducted by the Georgia Research Alliance, which sought to identify ways to advance the bioscience industry in the state. ICAPP’s initiative in this area will pave the way for more bioscience companies to consider locating in Georgia.

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