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USG Continues Commitment to Student Success and Completion Through Gardner Institute Partnership

Atlanta — May 17, 2016

Ten University System of Georgia (USG) institutions recently launched an effort with The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education (JNGI) three-year Gateway to Completion (G2C) process to improve teaching and learning in gateway courses.

Freshman and sophomore year courses and/or developmental-level “gateway” courses include accounting, biology, chemistry, history, math, psychology and writing/English. Success in these courses can be a direct predictor of student progression and completion.

“The University System of Georgia’s effort is the first-of-a-kind, system-wide application of the G2C process,” said Houston Davis, USG chief academic officer and executive vice chancellor. “This undertaking reflects the deep commitment the USG institutions and their faculties have for improving student learning and success. We are happy to work with a proven partner like the Gardner Institute.”

G2C is designed to provide institutions – more specifically, faculty – with processes, instructional and curricular guidance, and analytics tools to redesign teaching, learning and success in gateway courses. Faculty will address failure in gateway courses and the challenges associated with passing those courses.

“We applaud USG for their leadership in and involvement with the G2C effort,” said John N. Gardner, president, John N. Gardner Institute. “They recognize that they cannot leave teaching and learning to chance, and they are getting their faculty involved in completion agenda-related work in meaningful and appropriate ways. We hope that other postsecondary systems and districts across the nation emulate the USG example and systematically address teaching and learning in their gateway courses.”

The ten USG institutions participating in the three-year process are: East Georgia State College, Georgia Highlands State College, Georgia Southern University, Georgia Southwestern State University, Gordon State College, Kennesaw State University, Middle Georgia State University, South Georgia State College, University of West Georgia and Valdosta State University.

About the John N. Gardner Institute
The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education is a national non-profit focused on partnering with higher education institutions, individual educators, and other entities to improve student learning, persistence and completion. The Institute helps higher education and related organizations to individually and/or collectively define or redefine excellence in undergraduate education – especially in the first and second years of college, the transfer experience, and in gateway courses. For more information, visit

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