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University System Launches “GA EASY,” On-Line College Admissions Site

Atlanta — November 10, 1999

Applying for admission to the 34 public colleges and universities of the University System of Georgia just got a lot easier today, with the official launch of a new website designed to ease and increase the efficiency of the admissions process.

The Georgia Applications and Electronic Advisor SYstem - called “GA EASY” for short –is a comprehensive website and electronic search engine designed by the University System of Georgia to provide students with college admissions, career and financial aid information. The new website, located at Internet address:, was launched today in an on-line demonstration to the Board of Regents at their monthly meeting in Atlanta.

Regents heard from Dr. Barry Fullerton, vice chancellor for student services with the University System of Georgia, and Larry A. Peevy, associate vice president for enrollment services at Georgia College & State University, who demonstrated the GA EASY site’s ease of use. Fullerton and Peevy headed a University System task force over the past year, charged with designing an electronic application to meet the admissions needs of Georgia’s 34 public colleges and universities in a streamlined and efficient manner. The launch of the website culminates that effort.

Both recent high-school graduates and returning adult learners will find the GA EASY website useful. The site provides all of the necessary information to properly apply for admission at any of the state’s 34 public colleges and universities.

Currently 23 of the 34 USG institutions are making use of a common electronic application on the site. Two other institutions provide links to their own websites, on which their customized electronic application is featured. Nine remaining institutions provide admissions links to their campuses, where applicants can retrieve the details on how to apply via mail to those colleges.

“The enthusiasm for this website is extremely high,” Fullerton stated. “The word is out among guidance counselors and students, and we are hearing that this will be a very welcomed resource from the University System. Students can apply to multiple institutions on line in a fraction of the time that it took to individually apply by mail. They also can access information about career options and the HOPE scholarship all in one place, right at their fingertips.”

University System Chancellor Stephen R. Portch said the site also is one more place for students to familiarize themselves with the new admissions requirements that have been implemented. “In addition to providing valuable information about the college admissions process, this site will reinforce our increased expectations of students. It will serve as a constant communications tool for our outreach to students, their parents, guidance counselors, teachers and others involved with directing students to college,” Portch stated. “It’s an excellent resource.”

Six information sources are included on the GA EASY site, including: Institutions (links to the 34 colleges of the University System), Admissions (specific admissions requirements for all USG campuses), Programs (academic majors), College Costs (tuition, housing, etc.), Career Decisions, and the Apply On-line application. Via GA EASY, on-line applications may be filed with as many institutions as desired, however, standard application fees still will apply to complete the process. The secured site can handle electronic credit-card payments to cover application fees, or applicants may submit checks in the mail. Applications will be processed once all fees are paid.

Another important element of the site for students is the career-counseling information made available via the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS). GCIS currently provides state and national occupational and educational information to more than 1,100 sites around the state. The database is used by Georgia high schools, middle schools, colleges, universities, employment offices and other state programs to provide career counseling to approximately 500,000 Georgians. By offering GCIS on the GA EASY site, University System officials hope to expand career counseling to students who may not have time to access the site in their school environments. Students with computer access now may spend unlimited time utilizing GCIS’ resources.

Students desiring to access the GCIS site on GA EASY should visit their high-school guidance counselor or resource librarian to secure the necessary password information to enter the site, which is otherwise offered at a fee to participating clients.

A wealth of information is included on the GCIS database, including:

  • comprehensive program descriptions for programs of study and training at both public and private post-secondary schools in Georgia;
  • information about apprenticeship positions in Georgia, including entry requirements;
  • information on more than 2,000 four-year and more than 1,500 two-year professional, public and private schools nationally;
  • information on over 170 Georgia universities, colleges, technical and proprietary schools;
  • information on federal and state financial aid programs and details on more than 1,000 scholarship, grant and loan sources offering over 60,000 awards representing over $300 million;
  • a self-assessment tool that matches your interests and abilities with corresponding occupations;
  • a national search identifying colleges and universities that meet specific criteria, such as degrees offered, tuition, fees and admissions requirements;
  • a national financial aid sort that matches educational plans to a list of scholarships and loans; and
  • an assessment that matches the results of vocational tests with corresponding occupations.

The Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) also has linked to the GA EASY website, providing information on scholarships, grants and other financial aid, including details regarding the state’s flagship HOPE scholarship. Students can view the status of their scholarship and grant applications, view loan information, and gain answers to frequently asked financial-aid questions. Along with GCIS and GSFC, a number of public schools around the state also have linked their website to the GA EASY search engine, earning them status as additional “GA EASY partners.”

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