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University System and Technical Colleges Reduce Transfer Barriers

Atlanta — January 9, 2002

Students who want to transfer between a public technical college in the state and a University System of Georgia institution now may have an easier transition thanks to a new policy approved today by the Board of Regents.

Under an articulation agreement between the Board of Regents and the State Board of Technical and Adult Education, certain freshman-level core courses in English and mathematics offered by Department of Technical and Adult Education (DTAE) colleges now are guaranteed to transfer to University System of Georgia colleges and universities throughout the state, and vice versa. The colleges must be accredited by the Commission on Colleges.

Known as the “Mini-Core Project,” the articulation agreement is in line with the spirit of seamless education promoted by Governor Roy Barnes and his Education Reform Study Commission. Aimed at removing barriers between the state’s two sectors of public post-secondary education, the goals of the project are twofold: to establish transferable English and mathematics courses with common content between DTAE and USG institutions, and to honor placement test results between the state’s two post-secondary systems.

The agreement was developed by joint committees of USG and DTAE faculty and staff. The State Board of Technical and Adult Education, which must approve course standards for use at DTAE technical colleges statewide, had approved the jointly developed courses at its September meeting.

“Today’s action moves us closer to creating a seamless educational system in Georgia,” said Dr. Daniel L. Papp, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs with the Board of Regents. “Our primary goal is creating a more educated Georgia. We want to eradicate the barriers that prevent Georgians from gaining a college education, and increase our state’s educational attainment level. Easing transfer between the state’s two post-secondary systems definitely supports that goal.”

“We applaud this agreement,” said DTAE Commissioner Dr. Kenneth H. Breeden. “While our mission to prepare Georgians to go to work remains unchanged, this agreement will assist our graduates when their career pathway requires them to return to the University System for advanced study beyond the associate degree. We have always worked to reduce needless repetition of coursework. That is why we are so pleased with this agreement, as it will provide Georgians with more opportunities.”

According to the new policy, three specific math courses will be transferable between USG and DTAE institutions, and two specific English courses. These include:

  • Introduction to Mathematical Modeling - MATH 1101 (USG)/MAT 190 (DTAE)
  • College Algebra - MATH 1111 (USG)/MAT 191 (DTAE)
  • Pre-Calculus - MATH 1113 (USG)/MAT 194 (DTAE)
  • Composition I - ENGL 1101 (USG)/ENG 191 (DTAE)
  • Composition II - ENGL 1102 (USG)/ENG 193 (DTAE)

Besides accepting each other’s specified courses, both systems also agree to accept comparable exit scores for freshman English and mathematics on the Collegiate Placement Exam, COMPASS, and ASSET tests. Also, students who have taken a placement test will not be required to take another such exam by any other USG or DTAE institution if they have enrolled at an institution and the placement scores are recorded on their transcript. In addition, students who successfully complete learning support/developmental studies courses at one institution will have that completion honored at all DTAE AND USG institutions.

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