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University of West Georgia Presidential Search Committee Named

Atlanta — September 26, 2012

Board of Regents Chairman Ben Tarbutton III has announced the formation of the two committees required by regents’ policy to conduct a national search to replace University of West Georgia (UWG) President Beheruz Sethna, who will retire on June 30, 2013.

The Special Regents’ Search Committee will be chaired by Regent Ken Bernard Jr. and include Regents Larry Ellis, Neil Pruitt Jr. and Willis Potts. Tarbutton will serve as an ex-officio member of this committee.

The search and screening of candidates is the responsibility of an 18-member Presidential Search and Screen Committee, whose members also are appointed by Tarbutton. Members of the Presidential Search and Screen Committee are as follows:

• Dr. Donadrian Rice, professor of psychology and chair of the campus search committee

• Dr. Ron Best, professor of finance

• Dr. Jill Drake, professor of early learning and childhood education

• Dr. Kathryn Grams, dean and professor, School of Nursing

• Chris Huff, associate dean of libraries

• Dr. Jeff Johnson, associate professor of education and chair of the faculty senate

• Dr. Will Lloyd, associate professor of computer science

• Dr. Salvadore Peralta, professor of political science

• Clint Samples, associate professor of art

• Erin Brannon, chair of the UWG staff advisory council

• Carlos Ruiz, assistant director of facilities

• Dana Jones, UWG student government association

• Rob Dial, president of the UWG alumni association

• H.B. Lipham, III, Metro Bank, president of the UWG foundation board

• Ben Butler, CEO of Carrollton Orthopedic

• Cynthia Denney, Realty Broker

• Ray Fulford, founder, Ra-lin Construction Co.

• R. Cade Parian, attorney, Smith Conerly LLP

The campus-based committee will be charged with its responsibilities in a meeting scheduled for Friday, October 5 at the University. These duties include the development of a position description, the placement of announcements in national media and conducting on-campus interviews. The executive search firm of Parker Executive Search, Atlanta, has been engaged to assist the search committee.

At the conclusion of its work, the campus committee will forward the credentials of three to five unranked candidates to the Regents’ Search Committee. The Regents’ Search Committee is responsible for recommending finalists to Chancellor Hank Huckaby, who will make a recommendation to the full Board of Regents.

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