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Strategic Plan Website Launched

Atlanta — March 19, 2008

University System of Georgia (USG) officials have stepped up efforts to provide increased accountability for programs and actions through the launch of a new website that focuses on the system’s new Strategic Plan.

The new site, which was launched today and is accessible to both USG staff and the general public, provides detail on the Strategic Plan’s six goals and helps viewers track the progress of the various initiatives and programs developed to achieve the plan’s objectives for these goals.

“We believe that strategic planning is a living, dynamic process and not just a document sitting on a shelf,” said Shelley Nickel, Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and Implementation. “This new website is a communications tool, a resource tool and a portal for people to see the exciting changes on our campuses as our goals are translated into actions.”

The “Strategic Plan in Action” feature links to examples on campuses that illustrate progress toward the realization of the six strategic goals. The website will continue to evolve and track the changes that ripple through the university system, transforming lives and strengthening the state’s ability to be globally competitive. The site can be accessed at:

The new plan was adopted by the Board of Regents in August 2007. Since that time individuals in the University System Office and on the 35 campuses have developed specific action steps, desired, measurable outcomes, and timelines. Each of the 18 regents has participated in the ongoing development and implementation of the plan by serving on one of six Strategic Planning Oversight Committees.

The six strategic goals are:

  • Renew excellence in undergraduate education to meet students’ 21st century needs.
  • Create enrollment capacity in the University System to meet the needs of 100,000 additional students by 2020.
  • Increase the System’s participation in research and economic development to the benefit of a global Georgia. Enhance and encourage the creation of new knowledge and basic research across all disciplines.
  • Strengthen the USG’s partnerships with the state’s other education agencies.
  • Maintain affordability so that money is not a barrier to participation in the benefits of higher education. *Increase efficiency by working as a system.
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