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Remarks of Chancellor-designate Dr. Thomas Carter Meredith

Atlanta — October 25, 2001

Remarks of Chancellor-designate Dr. Thomas Carter Meredith to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Thursday, October 25, 2001

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. It’s a delight to be here. I must admit it bothers me a great deal to see how widely that Steve Portch is smiling. Thank you for introducing Susan. We are coming up on 30 years of marriage and as you can imagine these jobs, as all of these presidents know, are truly partnerships, and ours is a partnership in this as well. I want to thank you for your expression of confidence in us for this important position of chancellor of one of the finest higher education systems in this country. You’ve earned the respect of the other states in this country by your decisive actions in the right way through the leadership of Stephen Portch, who has just done a fabulous job in moving this state forward in higher education, through the support of Governor Barnes, who has been extraordinary in his vision for education in this state and through the support of the legislature of the people of Georgia. It’s been fun to watch from other states to see what you’ve done here and it’s exciting now to be a part of that. I look forward to working with the outstanding presidents you have in this state. You have some great presidents who are well known nationally and to be able now to work with them as a team as we move this great system of higher education forward is truly and honor and I thank you.

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