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Regents Approve Schedule for Chancellor Search

Atlanta — August 3, 2005

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved today a proposed timeline for the search and selection of a new chancellor, to be in place by January 2005. The schedule will allow the appointee to assume office in time for the University System’s annual budget negotiations at the beginning of the 2006 Legislative Session.

“We feel very confident in our ability to select the next chancellor for the University System of Georgia over the next four months,” said Board Chair J. Timothy Shelnut. “Working with our executive search firm, we expect to consider a top-flight field of candidates, and to select an outstanding new chancellor by year’s end.”

The Board of Regents approved the timeline after an open-session presentation by Daniel F. Parker, a partner with Baker-Parker Global Executive Search, the Atlanta-based firm retained to assist in the national search. Parker briefed the board on the search schedule, which is as follows:

  • Aug. – Sept.: Direct recruitment of candidates begins and the Board of Regents chair appoints a Chancellor Search Advisory Committee (CSAC).
  • Aug. 17: CSAC meets and reviews its charge for the search process.
  • Sept. 6-7: First public report on search progress to be made during the regent’s monthly meeting.
  • Sept. 14, Sept. 27, Oct. 12: CSAC receives updated reports of all nominations and candidates on record;
  • Oct. 11-12: Second public report on search to be made during the regents’ monthly meeting;
  • Oct. 17: CSAC to receive Baker-Parker’s recommendation of top candidates;
  • Oct. 25: CSAC to identify for Baker-Parker approximately 10 candidates the committee wishes to interview.
  • Nov. 4-7: CSAC to interview candidates and select approximately five candidates for interviews with full Board of Regents.
  • Nov. 16-17: Full board will interview final candidates.
  • Dec.: Board of Regents announces selection of next chancellor.

Baker-Parker has been involved in a number of recent high-profile searches for leadership in higher education, including presidents for the University of Illinois, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Indiana University, and the University of Tennessee. Currently, the firm is conducting the search for the president of the University of North Carolina System. Daniel Parker also helped lead the 1994 search that brought former University System of Georgia Chancellor Stephen Portch to Georgia. Portch served as chancellor of the University System from 1994 to 2001.

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