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MCG Health, Inc. Conducts First Meeting

Atlanta — September 2, 1998

MCG Health, Inc., the revised body charged with managing the hospital and clinics of the Medical College of Georgia, held its first meeting today in Augusta, with a newly appointed board of directors. Today’s meeting formally begins what is expected to be a lengthy process of repositioning the MCG’s hospital and clinics under the auspices of the recently restructured governing authority.

In its new capacity, as approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia earlier this year, MCG Health, Inc. will be responsible for managing the health-care delivery components of MCG and for shaping its entry and enhanced competition in the integrated marketplace.

The newly appointed members of MCG Health, Inc. board include:

  • Regent Thomas F. Allgood, Sr., Chairman
  • Regent Charles H. Jones
  • Regent S. William Clark, Jr.
  • Regent Donald M. Leebern, Jr.
  • Dr. Lindsay A. Desrochers
  • Mr. Doug Barnard
  • Dr. George Gowder
  • Dr. Julius Scott
  • MCG President Francis Tedesco
  • Dr. Darrell G. Kirch
  • Dr. Curt N. Steinhart

In addition to the above members, the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer, and the executive director of MCG Hospital will serve as ex-officio members of the MCG Health, Inc. board.

Over the next several months, MCG Health, Inc. officials will work with MCG administrators to mutually define and agree upon the specific services and resources that will be delegated to the governance of the new organization. That process will include, among other priorities, recruiting a chief executive officer for MCG Health, Inc., the development of a strategic plan for MCG Health, Inc., and the establishment of agreements and contracts that formalize the relationships and responsibilities of the administrative parties.

Throughout the entire transitional process existing relationships with MCG’s clinical faculty, hospital staff and the various constituents served by the hospital and clinics, will be sustained and enhanced.

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