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Governor Barnes Announces New ICAPP Partnership With Lockheed Martin AeroMarietta

Atlanta — September 27, 2000

Georgia Gov. Roy E. Barnes announced today that the State of Georgia is committing to a partnership with Lockheed Martin AeroMarietta totaling more than a half million dollars through the University System of Georgia’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP®) initiative.

The $656,496 partnership will help protect key jobs in Georgia’s aviation/aerospace industry, by preparing at least 80 current Lockheed Martin employees and other Georgians to fill software-engineering jobs at the company’s facility in Cobb County. Through ICAPP®, Southern Polytechnic State University has developed and will offer two customized certificate programs that will help Lockheed Martin meet its need for new software engineers. In addition to the state funds being invested in the project, Lockheed Martin will provide tuition payments for program participants and other in-kind services to support the partnership.

A staunch supporter of ICAPP®, Gov. Barnes applauds the program which accelerates the infusion of well-paid “knowledge workers” into Georgia’s economy. “This ICAPP® initiative will allow Lockheed Martin to select employees with the desired character and aptitude to meet their specific workforce needs,” Gov. Barnes stated. “ICAPP® continues to build an excellent reputation for providing the career-specific education that Georgia companies need. And because studies show that ICAPP Advantage® nets a greater than 15:1 return on the State’s investment, today’s announcement is a “triple win” benefiting the State of Georgia, Lockheed Martin and Southern Polytechnic.”

It is anticipated that at least 80 people will earn the undergraduate ICAPP® software engineering certificate at Southern Polytechnic over the next two years, and an additional 30 people will earn the graduate ICAPP® certificate. The first program of study will begin October 30 with the first 20 ICAPP Advantage® associates.

Successful graduates of the ICAPP® program will be guaranteed jobs with Lockheed Martin. Those completing the undergraduate certificate also will earn a full year of academic credit that may be applied toward Southern Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program and/or the proposed Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program.

The two new certificate programs announced today are:

  • An undergraduate Software Systems Development Certificate program that includes 32 academic credit hours of instruction in an accelerated format. After an initial 12-week intensive session of courses and focused labs, ICAPP Advantage® associates complete another 18 weeks of classes while simultaneously serving a 12-week internship in Lockheed Martin’s Software Intensive System Organization; and

  • A graduate-level Software Engineering Certificate program that further develops software engineering skills among current Lockheed Martin employees and those completing the undergraduate ICAPP® certificate.

Lockheed Martin has been a full partner in the design of the ICAPP® curriculum, working with Southern Polytechnic to identify specifically the company’s instructional needs. The course content was created following an extensive needs assessment conducted by Southern Polytechnic on site at the Lockheed Martin facility. The company will pay tuition for all Lockheed Martin employees who participate in either certificate program, and will pay full salary and benefits for all employees accepted for the undergraduate ICAPP® certificate program during the 30 weeks of accelerated education.

“Today’s announcement is about more than just jobs and airplanes - it’s about technology,” said Mr. Lee Rhyant, Lockheed vice president and site general manager. “A large part of the work being done here today on programs such as the C-130 and the F-22 represents the most advanced aerospace engineering in the world - and it’s being done here in Georgia.”

Southern Polytechnic State University has a long history of addressing the high-tech workforce needs of Cobb County and the State of Georgia. Software engineering is one of the institution’s documented and unique educational strengths.

According to SPSU President Lisa A. Rossbacher, “from the earliest days of its existence, this institution has helped provide for the highest-quality, technologically oriented workforce in Georgia. This is where approximately 90 percent of our alumni have made their homes and careers. So this ICAPP partnership not only opens new doors and provides new opportunities; it also continues a long tradition and strengthens our special and long-standing relationship with Lockheed Martin.”

ICAPP® is the economic development program of the University System of Georgia. ICAPP Advantage® (one of the five programs of ICAPP®) is a direct economic development incentive that helps companies meet immediate human resources needs.

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