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Governor Announces NCR Corp. Gifts to Create Software Enterprises at Two Rural Georgia Universities

Atlanta — October 16, 2002

NCR CONTACT: Robert (Kelly) Kramer
PHONE: 770-623-7215

Governor Roy E. Barnes announced today charitable gifts estimated at more than $3 million, by technology firm NCR Corporation to two Georgia public universities.

The gifts to Georgia Southern University and Georgia Southwestern State University will include charitable contributions of certain software assets, equipment and training. The arrangement will position the communities of Statesboro and Americus in the worldwide software redevelopment market, aimed at creating well-paid knowledge jobs in rural Georgia.

The new ventures are among economic initiatives being created or nurtured by the University System’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP). “NCR, ICAPP and these two universities are great examples of how we can do business by creating dynamic, innovative partnerships,” Barnes said. “In this case, we wanted a program that would benefit the technology industry as well as students and residents in rural Georgia. This software development deal succeeds in doing just that.”

Under the arrangement, which will be initiated by two separate donations from NCR, Georgia Southern University and Georgia Southwestern State University will own intellectual property rights to selected software applications that NCR developed for global use by retailers and other business and government organizations. The universities will take over ongoing enhancement and future development of the software. Ultimately, NCR could become a reseller or distributor of the re-developed software for the universities, in return for which the universities would receive licensing fees. Those potential future licensing fees are expected to generate revenue that the universities can invest in future R&D and expansion of the enterprises.

“This project is a great example of the economic impact that’s possible when our institutions can work in a partnership effort,” said University System of Georgia Chancellor Thomas C. Meredith. “Students will gain valuable experience through a unique learning opportunity, while faculty will have a rewarding way to stay on the leading edge of technology and industry trends.”

The idea for the new ventures first surfaced in November of 2000 during a Southeast Georgia “High Tech Summit” in Statesboro hosted by Senator Max Cleland to address the difficulties facing rural communities in the 21st Century. The round table brought together representatives of industry, education and government to discuss what it takes to attract high-tech industries to rural areas as well as the role technology plays in both education and economic development.”

“I’m pleased that this concept has taken root and is about to blossom into reality,” Cleland said. “While enriching the educational experience for hundreds of information technology students, these enterprises also have the potential to become an income source for the two universities and to increase high tech employment in the Statesboro and Americus areas.”

NCR vice president Joanne Walter was among the participants in Cleland’s meeting, which was held in Statesboro. Afterward, Walter and Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, Annie Hunt Burriss, continued developing the framework for the arrangement, with Barnes’ support and encouragement. “Ultimately, we envision the possibility that the university enterprises will become software vendors to NCR, providing a cost-effective source for these two software packages, which we believe can continue to be successful in the marketplace,” said Walter, who leads a strategic sales and marketing initiative for NCR. “Growing our software business is a key strategic thrust for NCR, and this initiative offers an innovative opportunity to support that growth. This arrangement allows NCR to combine fresh thinking and new ideas coming out of the University System with our years of knowledge in developing and delivering software to retailers.”

Georgia Southern will receive an NCR point-of-sale application used by restaurants, food stores and general merchandise retailers. Georgia Southwestern will receive an NCR self-service kiosk software platform. NCR’s own developers and other third party software partners continue to be responsible for the company’s many other retail software packages. NCR is also providing the universities with start-up training plus computer hardware, including point-of-sale terminals and kiosks.

“In addition to the other benefits, students and faculty will be working with software programs that are actually used by retailers and other businesses, rather than generic or test programs,” Walter added. “This experience should prove invaluable to professors in their classroom activities and to students in their future careers.”

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading global technology company helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. NCR’s ATMs, retail systems, Teradata® data warehouses and IT services provide Relationship TechnologyTM solutions that maximize the value of customer interactions. Based in Dayton, Ohio, NCR ( employs approximately 30,400 people worldwide.

Approximately 1,500 NCR employees work and live in Georgia, and the company’s Retail Solutions Division has its global headquarters in Duluth.

About the Intellectual Capital Partnership Program - ICAPP®

ICAPP® is the economic development program of the University System of Georgia, which includes the state’s 34 public colleges and universities and 232,000 students enrolled in fall 2003. The programs of ICAPP® provide one-stop entry to the intellectual capital of the University System of Georgia - its education programs, faculty expertise, research and development facilities. ICAPP® helps USG play a strategic role in elevating the quality and size of Georgia’s economy. ICAPP is a breakthrough program that clearly demonstrates how Georgia and its University System are pioneering a new kind of partnership between education and business. For more information, see

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