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Chancellor Responds to HOPE Fees Issue

Atlanta — February 2, 2000

According to University System of Georgia Chancellor Stephen R. Portch, today’s move by Gov. Roy Barnes to allow continued payment of mandatory student fees via the state’s HOPE program is “a win-win situation for all involved.”

Chancellor Portch indicated that the Board of Regents would consider as early as next week’s meeting (Feb. 8-9) a revision to its policies that will result in greater student involvement in determining mandatory fees. “Fortunately, the task force that we charged with addressing this issue is prepared to present its recommendations,” he stated. “The group’s proposals include establishment of campus-based fee committees that include 50 percent student representation, a recommendation that I support.”

In addition, Portch indicated that the Board would continue its rigorous reviews of mandatory fee increases that began last year. He also expressed his enthusiasm for the Pell grant policy change, the adding of an opportunity for seniors to regain HOPE scholarships, and approval of University System of Georgia technology fees as HOPE eligible.

“Moving forward, we will continue to scrutinize all campus fee proposals as we expand student involvement in the decision-making process,” Portch stated. “We also will remain ever mindful of the cost impacts on HOPE.”

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