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GeorgiaFIRST Financials


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Active Known Issues for eProcurement:

No. Posted/modified Known Issue Status
KI9.2-82_ePro 2018-02-05 Requisition Attachments Unable to be Viewed from Requisition Approval Page Active
KI9.2-83_ePro 2018-02-05 Requisitions Not Routing to Ad Hoc Approvers after Requisition is Edited Active
KI9.2-80_ePro 2018-01-29 Selecting Line Description Produces Error Message for GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace Requisitions Active
KI9.2-40_ePro 2016-08-10 Account Field Is Not Able To Be Edited after Selecting a SpeedChart on Mass Change Page Active

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