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Regents’ Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Awards


On behalf of the Board of Regents, the USG Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce and invite nominations for the Regents’ Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Awards. The Board of Regents acknowledges the value of scholarship of teaching and learning articulated by Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered (1990), and exemplified by the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. This award is intended to encourage and support the work of faculty members whose scholarship focuses on the instructional mission of the institution. Two faculty/staff awards may be given; sector will not be a consideration for these awards.


The award committee will look for persuasive evidence that nominees have:

  • Engaged in the systematic examination of issues about student learning and instructional conditions which promote the learning, building on previous scholarship.
  • Documented the use of strategies for investigating and evaluating the impact of teaching practice on student learning, anchored in the research literature.
  • Engaged in scholarship that is public, peer reviewed and critiqued.
  • Produced scholarly work which contributes new questions and knowledge about teaching and learning.
  • Developed a well articulated teaching philosophy that drives research questions.
  • Documented the dissemination of their scholarship results.
  • Served in a formal or informal leadership role to promote and support SoTL on their campus or beyond.

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures

Current full-time members of the teaching faculty and teaching academic staff at USG institutions are eligible for individual awards. Each institution is invited to submit one nomination for an individual award. Campus nomination procedures should be determined by each institution, but each nomination must be approved by the institution’s chief academic officer.

Required Documentation

Nomination portfolios are limited to 20 pages, including any appendices (1” margins, minimum 12-point font for each section below). Incorporating every kind of evidence will be impossible. Instead, each nominee will want to select only the strongest and most relevant evidence. Each portfolio must include the following information. NOTE: The TOC and the nomination letter do not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.

  • A Table of Contents for the portfolio. NOTE: The TOC does not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.
  • A nomination letter from the institution’s chief academic officer. NOTE: The nomination letter does not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.
  • A teaching philosophy narrative that outlines how their research questions and the related goals, theories, and methods of their scholarship activities support their teaching philosophy. (1-2 pages).
  • Data/evidence of the impact of their teaching techniques/pedagogies on student learning and its potential impact on teaching and learning in the discipline. (3-5 pages).
  • A condensed curriculum vitae that includes relevant SOTL presentations, articles and/or publications. (2-3 pages).
  • One or two letters of support from colleagues qualified to comment on the value and quality of the nominee’s scholarship of teaching and learning activities, and its impact in improving undergraduate/graduate education. These letters should describe how the nominee’s activities have contributed knowledge in the field and how it has enhanced the learning of students.

Award Committee

A special Regents committee, composed of faculty and administrators from across the USG who are experienced in teaching and learning practices, will review the nomination portfolios and recommend finalists for each award.

Note: All documents must be combined into a SINGLE pdf file and uploaded through the Regents Portfolio Submission System. Portfolios that exceed 20 pages or do not meet formatting requirements will not be accepted.