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Regents’ Award for Excellence in High-Impact Practices and Experiential Learning


On behalf of the Board of Regents, the USG Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce and invite nominations for the Regents’ Award for Excellence in High Impact Practices and Experiential Learning. These awards aim to recognize and celebrate exceptional departments or programs that have demonstrated a strong commitment to integrating and enhancing High-Impact Practices within their curriculum, resulting in transformative learning experiences for students. 


The awards committee will seek compelling evidence that reflects the following key aspects of effective High-Impact Practices implementation: 

  • Integration of HIPs: Clear demonstration of how the department or program has seamlessly integrated some or several High-Impact Practices into their curriculum and co-curricular activities. This should include consistent identification of HIPs in Banner. 
  • Evidence of Impact: Showcase of concrete and measurable outcomes that illustrate the positive impact of High-Impact Practices on student engagement, learning, and overall academic success. 
  • Innovative Pedagogical Approaches: Description of innovative teaching and learning strategies employed, which could include collaborative learning, undergraduate research, service-learning, global learning, internships, e-portfolios, and capstone projects. 
  • Assessment and Continuous Improvement: Evidence of thoughtful assessment methods and data-driven practices used to continually enhance and refine the implementation of High-Impact Practices. 
  • Faculty Development and Support: Clear indication of the department's efforts to support faculty in effectively implementing and facilitating High-Impact Practices. 

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures

Each educational institution is invited to submit one nomination for a department or program that exemplifies outstanding implementation of High-Impact Practices. The nomination process should be coordinated by each institution's academic leadership, and each submission must be endorsed by the institution's chief academic officer.

Required Documentation 

Nomination portfolios should not exceed 15 pages, including any supporting materials (1" margins, minimum 12-point font for each section below). To ensure a focused presentation, nominees should select the most compelling and relevant evidence. Each portfolio submission must include the following components: 

  • A Table of Contents for the portfolio. (Note: The TOC does not count toward the 15-page limit.) 
  • A nomination letter from the institution's chief academic officer. (Note: The nomination letter does not count toward the 15-page limit.) 
  • A narrative statement from the department or program that articulates its philosophy, goals, and strategies for implementing High-Impact Practices to enhance student engagement and learning. This statement should address the award criteria described above. (2-3 pages) 
  • A concise fact profile, summarizing key information about the department or program. (1-2 pages). 
  • A well-organized collection of evidence highlighting the department's or program's innovative and effective utilization of High-Impact Practices. This evidence should clarify how each piece reflects the excellence of the department's commitment to student engagement and learning. (3+ pages). 

Award Committee 

A special committee composed of faculty and administrators from across the USG who are experienced in teaching and learning practices will review the nomination portfolios and recommend finalists for each award. The winner of this award will be recognized at a spring meeting of the Board of Regents. 

Note: All documents must be combined into a SINGLE pdf file and uploaded through the Regents Portfolio Submission System. Portfolios that exceed 15 pages or do not meet formatting requirements will not be accepted.