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Felton Jenkins, Jr. Hall of Fame Faculty Awards


On behalf of the Board of Regents, the USG Office of Academic Affairs invites nominations for the Felton Jenkins, Jr. Hall of Fame Faculty Awards. These system-wide awards will recognize individual faculty and staff for a strong commitment to teaching and student success. One faculty or staff award will be given for the research and comprehensive universities sector, one for the state university sector, and one for the state college sector for a total of three faculty awards.


The award committee will look for persuasive evidence that nominees:

  • Are strongly committed to teaching and learning. This commitment might be demonstrated through activities designed to advance the quality and practice of teaching and learning, to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and/or global and multicultural understanding;
  • Use effective teaching strategies to enhance student learning, including, but not limited to innovative uses of technology, active learning, learning communities, student portfolios, and assessment;
  • Have a strong commitment to fostering the academic success of students through interaction with students outside of the classroom (e.g., advising, mentoring, recruiting, etc.).

Eligibility and Nomination Procedures

Current full-time members of the teaching faculty and teaching academic staff at USG institutions are eligible for individual awards. Each institution is invited to submit one nomination for an individual award. Campus nomination procedures should be determined by each institution, but each nomination must be approved by the institution’s chief academic officer.

Required Documentation

Nomination portfolios are limited to 20 pages, including any appendices (1” margins, minimum 12-point font for each section below). Incorporating every kind of evidence will be impossible. Instead, each nominee will want to select only the strongest and most relevant evidence. Each portfolio must include the following information. NOTE: The TOC and the nomination letter do not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.

  • A Table of Contents for the portfolio. NOTE: The TOC does not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.
  • A nomination letter from the institution’s chief academic officer. NOTE: The nomination letter does not count toward the maximum of 20 pages.
  • One or more letters of support from colleagues qualified to comment on the nominee’s teaching and service. These letters should describe the nominee’s teaching and why he or she is especially effective in advancing student learning. One should be from the department chair/program administrator.
  • A condensed curriculum vitae. (2 - 3 pages).
  • A reflective statement that summarizes the nominee’s teaching and learning philosophy, strategies, and objectives. (1 - 2 pages).
  • A brief summary of 2 - 3 innovative teaching artifacts or practices used in the classroom to promote student success.
  • One or more letters of support from recent and/or past students.
  • A well-organized set of documents that provide evidence of the nominee’s teaching excellence (e.g., data showing success of the nominee’s students, selected components of course syllabi, handouts, methods of assessing student learning and achievement that go beyond student evaluations, examinations, summaries of recent student evaluations, peer evaluations, student mentoring/advising, etc.). These documents should be accompanied by a brief explanation of why they are included in the dossier, i.e., how they document the excellence of the nominee’s teaching.

Award Committee

A special Regents committee, composed of faculty and administrators from across the USG who are experienced in teaching and learning practices, will review the nomination portfolios and recommend finalists for each award.

Note: All documents must be combined into a SINGLE pdf file and uploaded through the Regents Portfolio Submission System. Portfolios that exceed 20 pages or do not meet formatting requirements will not be accepted.