High Interest Industries Portal

External Affairs Division


This is an interactive data visualization that shows the number, race, gender, and degree level of graduates in USG academic programs for the past four years that map to high interest industry sectors in Georgia. Scroll down to see all the visualizations available. The charts and maps are all dynamic based on the industry or section of the chart you select. The data is filtered based on your selections.

How to Use

For example, to learn more about females that graduated with a Bachelor’s degree associated with careers in the Information Technology industry, 1 – Select “Information Technology” as your High Interest Industry, 2 – Select the bar next to Bachelors in the bar chart that breaks down degree type, and 3 – Click the portion of the pie chart labeled as ‘Female.’ This will result in all the visuals adjusting to show you the breakdowns for USG graduates that are female who earned a bachelor’s degree in a major that maps to the Information Technology occupation codes. The variables used to filter the data that are selected appear in the gray shaded area at the top of screen just above the High Interest Area buttons. If at any time you need to reset your visuals, you can do so by clicking the ‘X’ next to them in the selection bar near the top of the page. Please note: students completing multiple credentials within this time period are counted twice. The crosswalk we used to map CIP Codes to these industries is available for download. For more information or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Art Recesso, Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation, Art.Recesso@usg.edu.