Promoting a Statewide Perspective on Higher Education

The Chancellor provides leadership in higher education and stewardship of state and University System resources by promoting a statewide perspective on higher education that attends to the current and developing needs of the State, its citizens and students, and relates them effectively to the University System and its institutions. The Chancellor supports the Board of Regents in furthering and achieving its vision for the University System by providing leadership in analyzing, monitoring, and anticipating higher education trends and developments, and by planning strategically for the future of the University System. The Chancellor also serves on the Georgia-based Alliance of Education Agency Heads, a collaborative partnership with the Governor’s office and Georgia’s education agency heads.

Biography of Dr. Steve Wrigley

Dr. Steve Wrigley bio

Dr. Steve Wrigley in 2017 became the 13th Chancellor of the University System of Georgia. He oversees 26 public colleges and universities with a $9.62 billion annual budget, 48,000 faculty and staff and more than 333,000 students. The Georgia Public Library System and the Georgia Archives are also part of the University System, which has been recognized nationally for its efforts in cost savings and student attainment.

Prior to becoming chancellor, Wrigley served in leadership roles within the system as well as at the University of Georgia. He also served in state government, including five years as chief of staff to former Georgia Governor Zell Miller, and worked on a number of key issues including the creation of the state lottery and the groundbreaking HOPE Scholarship.

Wrigley earned his undergraduate degree from Georgia State University and his doctorate in history from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Functional Areas