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20,000 by 2020

Board of Regents February 2012 Update

Meeting 80% of the State’s Need for Teachers

Doctoral candidate graduates from Georgia Southern

The University System of Georgia (USG) is committed to meeting the State’s changing needs for effective teachers in the regions and disciplines that need them most. The 20,000 by 2020 initiative was first approved in 2007 by the USG Board of Regents (BOR) to meet the challenge of producing 80% of the State’s need for teachers. 20,000 by 2020 continues to focus on its original intent but in a way that is responsive to the changing educational landscape in our state. Emphasis on preparation and increasing numbers has lessened during the economic downturn, and the USG has taken the opportunity to highlight a focus on higher education and K-12 school partnerships as the vehicle for better identifying and meeting teacher workforce and students’ needs. This focus includes:

  1. Supporting policies and best practices at state and local levels that deepen and foster meaningful partnerships between all USG higher education institutions and their K-12 school partners, as well as between the USG, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.
  2. Developing the capacity of USG institutions to recruit and prepare educators such that we are responsive to changing workforce needs;
  3. Preparing new educators and supporting their induction and effectiveness through professional development and partnership with the hiring school district.
  4. Providing retraining and professional development support to all teachers as they grow in the profession.


Teacher preparation programs within the University System are working together using a number of overlay strategies managed through Educator Preparation, Innovation and Research to maximize their effectiveness in producing quality teachers. These strategies include:

The Academy for Future Teachers which recruits students into teaching while they are still in high school.

GEORGIAonMYLINE which allows USG teacher preparation programs on different campuses to combine their efforts and reach broader audiences through online learning. For example, the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) provides access and flexibility for college graduates/career changers who want to become teachers.

Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) which offer career changers course credit for relevant and appropriate work experience.

The USG STEM Initiative which utilizes innovative programs to train critically needed teachers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.