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College 2025 Commission Field Survey

The landscape of public higher education is changing, and the University System of Georgia (USG) is well-positioned to build on the innovation and academic strengths of its 26 colleges and universities to meet the changing needs of students.

New forms of instruction, technology and student learning can present challenges, yet also open the door to new opportunities in public higher education. To help assess the rapidly changing landscape, the USG launched the College 2025 initiative. This project aims to explore new ways to deliver education and employ new technology to improve student learning and help students transfer their learning into a successful post-college career.

The University System named a commission of experts to lead the College 2025 initiative. This group is helping to create a five- to 10-year academic roadmap for the USG by building on institutional strengths, campus identities and missions and faculty expertise. The commission is chaired by Georgia College and State University President Steve M. Dorman with USG Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer Tristan Denley providing support.

To date, the work of the College 2025 Commission has resulted in viewing this future-envisioning work through three lenses:

  • Life-Long Learning - Higher education in Georgia has always been committed to creating life-long learners, but in the future, there will be an increasingly important role for learning across a life-time, and new types of credentials.
  • Adaptability - USG institutions should be adaptable to ever-changing educational needs of their learners. Institutions must examine policies, pedagogies and programs and should be agile and nimble so that graduates have access and are prepared for the skills needed in the 21st century.
  • Essential Skills - The essential elements of a higher education experience from the 20th century still remain relevant today, but new skills and experiences demanded by an ever-changing workforce will link learners to life in the world of the future.

Given the extensive expertise of USG faculty and staff, the College 2025 Commission wants to engage employees at all 26 USG institutions and hear directly from the campus perspective.

We appreciate your input/feedback by Feb. 9. Your insight is valuable and will help shape the outcomes of this important initiative.

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