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If you are new to web accessibility, you may want to begin with the “Section 508 Universe Training” Here you can learn about Building and Buying Accessible Software, Designing Accessible Websites, Accessibility and Usability Concerns (Electronic Forms, Email), Buying Accessible Computers and other Electronic and Information Technologies.

For the Academic community, we recommend a free webinar provided for USG personnel called “Section 508 Compliance and Online Course Content”. This webinar provides an overview of Section 508 and discusses Accessible Course Design and Accessible Course Content (with a live demo for creating accessible Word and PDF documents). A detailed handout accompanies the webinar. The captioned recording is available on the USG iTunes channel located at Select “Online Faculty Development Series 2011-2012” then select Video tab (the default setting opens a short Preview; the full webinar recording is available under the Video tab).

Section 508 Online Courses
2011 Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines

Intermediate / Advanced

If you are familiar with Section 508 and/or WCAG 2.0, we recommend the following checklists for creating accessible web-based content.

WebAIM Section 508 Checklist
WebAIM WCAG 2.0 Checklist

Detailed checklists for creating accessible Word, PDF, Multimedia, HTML, PowerPoint and Excel documents are available:

Creating New Content:
PDF File Checklist
Word 508 Checklist
Excel 508 Checklist
PowerPoint 508 Checklist
HTML 508 Checklist
Multimedia 508 Checklist

Other (Creating Accessible Forms, Frames, AJAX, CSS, etc.)
WebAIM - Articles