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Document Testing:

Step-by-step instructions for testing Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel are available at:

Testing Documents for Section 508 Compliance US Department of Health and Human Services

Website Testing:

There are several steps in testing web pages and websites for accessibility, including: validate HTML, use automated checkers, test for keyboard accessibility, conduct user testing, and more. To learn more about these processes, please visit:

WebAIM: Planning, Evaluating, Repair and Maintenance

Automated Checkers:

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
(Check a single URL, HTML file, or HTML code)

Cynthia Says, Web Content Accessibility Validation Solution
(Check a single URL against Section 508 and/or WCAG 2.0)

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE)
(Check a single web page, or sign up for a free account to check a full website)

Manual Checkers:

Web Accessibility Toolbar for IE and Opera
(Comprehensive toolbar for manual checks, includes links to automated checkers to validate HTML, CSS, links, and to access FAE, the WAVE, and more)

Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar for Firefox

WAVE Firefox Toolbar