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SSL Certificates Services

Print friendly Modified June 17, 2014

PeachNet provides the opportunity to procure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates with strong encryption and authentication at a reduced cost for University System of Georgia institutions.


Use this estimator to get a feel for your annual costs for our standard SSL certificate*.

Price # of Certificate(s) Annual Estimate
i $85.00 $85.00

*The certificates are GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificates. The price above represents a 43% discount off retail SSL certificate purchases, and is only available to USG institutions when procuring through this program. Other products requiring additional levels of authentication and complexity are also available. Contact us for a customized quote.


Since this product is trust-based, University System of Georgia institutional CIO’s designate authorized administrators who are authorized to purchase certificates. Authorized administrators are given access to our SSL certificate site to purchase certificates on behalf of an institution.

For information on ordering and support of this service contact our Helpdesk at:

  • Self Service Support Request:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 706-583-2001 or 1-888-875-3697 (toll free in Georgia)