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Cloud Storage

Print friendly Modified August 25, 2014

PeachNet’s cloud-based storage service is based on EMC’s Atmos system, which has both the Atmos native SOAP/REST/HTTP API as well as an Amazon S3 API (supports Amazon S3 applications). The native interface is a REST-based (HTTP) API. There are also a number of other access methods you can use (including appliances that you can purchase) that are designed to write data to Atmos.

This service is an excellent fit for large data archives. Common access methods are direct HTTPS access to the data, NFS/CIFS through gateway servers, direct drive mapping or filesystem mapping to Windows and Linux using Geodrive. There are also backup system integrations with IOMEGA NAS devices, as well as Networker and CommVault systems.


The price is $1,000/TB /year with a 10TB buy-in. There are no bandwidth or access charges.

For information on ordering this service contact Andrea Wilson and our PeachNet Cloud Services team at:

For service support contact our Helpdesk at: