Educational Access and Success

Academic Affairs Division

Campus Plan Updates

Since 2012, each of Georgia’s public institutions submitted campus plans detailing strategies to increase access and graduation in support of the goals of Complete College Georgia (CCG) to the governor. These campus plans are updated annually with the submission of a status report. The status report provides institutions an opportunity to reflect on the progress they have made in the past year and readjust and refine their goals. It is also a valuable tool that helps the System Office to understand common areas of strength and to highlight how and where to support institutions in achieving their goals. The report is most importantly a vehicle to communicate our progress and status with key stakeholders.

To capture the progress of the previous year, each campus provides updates on strategies, processes and outcomes in the enclosed status reports. The updates contain a self-assessment of the progress made to date, any substantial changes from the previous year’s plan, and give particular attention to data and high impact strategies..

These plans are designed as living documents. The work of college completion is a long-term learning process to transform higher education in Georgia and must be adaptable over time.