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Educational Access and Success

Policy Review for College Completion

Print friendly Modified July 3, 2013

Policy Review Task Force Documents

We need your ideas and feedback on Board and USG policy to improve college completion in Georgia.

You may know of a policy that needs revision, or one that may need to be removed, or you may have an idea for a new policy to improve completion.

The University System of Georgia during September 2012 established an initial Completion Policy Review Task Force with campus and system representatives from all functional areas, as well as faculty and students. As they begin to examine policy and make recommendations, we need your ideas and feedback to inform their work.

Policy guides behavior. It sets expectations, communicates what to do and what not to do. It Influences what we see and think as possible courses of action. Establishing a balanced operating environment through policy is vital to achieving college completion goals, which include maintaining and improving quality in teaching and learning.

In the case of this Task Force, “policy” means system-level policies found typically in the Board Policy Manual or the Academic & Student Affairs Handbook with a strong bearing on access and graduation leading to improved college completion.

To get you started, think about the broad areas of system-level policy below and what may enable completion of a high-quality education or what may be a barrier. A specific example could be policies around course loads and associated tuition to shorten time to degree or a policy change that leads to testing varying approaches to withdrawal and drop/add dates.

Fill out the form, enter your contact information only if you would like, and we’ll package ideas and send them to the Task Force for consideration. The Task Force will meet until February 2013, and then provide final recommendations to USG Academic Affairs.

Policy Review Submission Form
Please include a reference or link to an existing policy if relevant.
Institutional Reporting
Admissions, Entrance Requirements
Transitional Education (Learning Support, Dual Enrollment, AP/IB)
Transfer and Articulation
Financial Aid, Tuition and Fees
Registration, Scheduling, and Enrollment Management
Quality, Assessment, Certification, Learning Outcomes, Content
Faculty Organization and Development
Instructional Modes and Spaces
Academic Programs
Student Support Services
Student Academic Requirements and Student Incentives
Continuing Education
Other (Please specify: )
USG Institution Faculty
USG Institution Staff
USG Institution Student
System Office Staff