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Academic Affairs

Departments of Academic Affairs

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Academic Partnerships & Accreditation

Photo of Dr. Felita Williams

Dr. Felita Williams
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Partnerships & Accreditation
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Academic Partnerships & Accreditation is responsible for all aspects of academic planning for the System Office. This department provides leadership for the Academic & Student Affairs Handbook, the 30+ Regents Advisory Academic and Administrative committees.

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Academic Programs

Dr. Marci M. Middleton
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs
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The Office of Academic Programs provides information on University System of Georgia academic programs, degree waivers, certificates, accreditation, and major disciplinary areas. In addition, this office provides information on University System of Georgia policies and procedures for new academic program approval and related matters. The Office of Academic Programs strives to enhance educational opportunities at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral levels by developing processes that are responsive to the economic, intellectual, and cultural needs of the state and the regions served by the 30 public institutions of the University System. The Office of Academic Programs works in conjunction with the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus to provide access to programs and courses offered via several means of distance education and electronic delivery.

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Economic Development

Photo of Mr. Mark Lytle

Mr. Mark Lytle
Vice Chancellor, Economic Development
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Economic Development directs the economic development efforts of the University System of Georgia.

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Educational Access and Success

Photo of Mr. Robert Anderson

Mr. Robert Anderson
Vice Chancellor, Educational Access and Success
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The Office of Educational Access & Success (OEAS) advances P-20 student success through transformative partnerships, practices, and research. OEAS leads programs structured around three broad areas: college access and completion; educator preparation, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within University System of Georgia (USG) institutions. It also facilitates faculty involvement in secondary school improvement and the transition from high school to college.

In support of the USG strategic goals, OEAS leads the USG efforts to (a) remove barriers to postsecondary education for all students and support their readiness to succeed; (b) improve retention and progression in order to increase postsecondary completion for all students; (c) foster excellence and innovation in USG educator preparation programs to produce highly effective educators to meet the needs of Georgia’s schools; and (d) facilitate and strengthen collaborative partnerships to develop grants, conduct research, disseminate knowledge and practice, and inform policy.

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Extended Education

Photo of Dr. Cecil Staton

Dr. Cecil Staton
Vice Chancellor, Extended Education
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Dr. Cecil Staton is Chief International Officer for the USG and is responsible for the system-wide priorities of international education, continuing and professional education, entrepreneurial education, and military affairs.

He is the lead person for the USG’s association with the Georgia Research Alliance. And he works with the USG Foundation on related fundraising activities including efforts to secure needs based scholarships for study abroad students.

He supports Georgia’s economic development initiatives in order to match the resources of USG institutions with Georgia’s evolving workforce needs. Currently, Staton is leading system efforts that will create the Georgia Film Academy in 2015, supporting the state’s burgeoning film industry.

Additionally the Office of Extended Education provides leadership to USG institutions on the establishment of partnerships between business, governments and other universities to support university programs.

It provides support to USG institutions for a more globalized campus environment which may include growing international enrollments and diversifying the countries represented; and by identifying and pursuing strategic partnerships with local, state, national and international organizations to support the international, professional education, and military affairs functions.

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Faculty Affairs

Dr. Teresa M. Joyce
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs
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The Office of Faculty Affairs provides overall coordination of Board policies and procedures related to faculty and for other faculty-related personnel matters. The Office of Faculty Affairs includes the Office of Faculty Development and the Office of Academic Programs. The Office of Faculty Development coordinates the Regent’s Teaching Excellence Awards, provides virtual and face-to-face system-wide professional development sessions for faculty and administrators, and works with campus leaders in faculty development to promote faculty and student success by encouraging the use of 21st century teaching and learning pedagogies. The Office of Academic Programs provides information on University System of Georgia policies and procedures for new academic program approval and related matters.

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Faculty Development

Dr. Ginger Durham, EdD
Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Faculty Development
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The USG Office of Faculty Development promotes faculty and student success by encouraging the use of 21st Century teaching and learning pedagogies. The Office further supports success by helping institutions assist their faculty to be more effective in their teaching, scholarship and service.

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Georgia Archives

Mr. Christopher M. Davidson, J.D.
Director, Georgia Archives
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The Georgia Archives identifies, collects, manages, preserves, publicizes, and provides access to records and information of Georgia and its people and assists state and local government agencies with their records management.

The Georgia Archives was established in 1918 and was first housed in the State Capitol Building. The Georgia Archives moved to Rhodes Hall in 1930 and then in 1965 to a new building built specifically to house the Georgia Archives. The Georgia Archives moved to its current home in Morrow in 2003.

The Archives is open for research Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Original documents are retrieved from 8:30 to 4:00 p.m., and may be viewed in the Original Document Reading Room until 4:45 p.m.

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Georgia Public Library Service

Photo of Ms. Julie Walker

Ms. Julie Walker
State Librarian, Georgia Public Library Service
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Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) provides administrative support to Georgia’s public libraries; develops and implements statewide policies, procedures, and programs; and encourages reading, literacy and education through the continuing support and improvement of Georgia’s public libraries.

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Health Workforce Planning and Analysis

Photo of Mr. Ben Robinson

Mr. Ben Robinson
Executive Director

The Center for Health Workforce Planning and Analysis operates as the central point of responsibility for the University System’s efforts surrounding health workforce issues. The creation of the Center further recognizes the significant responsibility of the University System as the primary academic producer of health professionals and therefore its role in addressing health workforce shortages. The core mission of the Center is to assist in aligning the state’s education systems and inform policy and law to ensure that Georgia has the health workforce to meet the needs of its citizens.

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Library Services

Ms. Merryll S. Penson
Executive Director, Library Services
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Library Services supports University System of Georgia libraries and other libraries in Georgia in collaborative efforts to provide high quality services to students, faculty, staff, and citizens. Through these major initiatives, Georgia’s libraries avoid spending many millions of dollars and provide resources and services that would not otherwise be affordable. Library Services helps with ongoing collaboration and consensus building among various library communities to create the model for statewide library collaboration.

Related Resources

  • GALILEO, Georgia’s Virtual Library, is a USG initiative that was launched in September 1995. GALILEO is a World Wide Web-based library that provides access to thousands of full-text magazines, journals, encyclopedias, and electronic books for every Georgia resident. It is a collaborative effort serving over 2000 institutions including public and private colleges, and universities, adult and technical schools, public libraries, public K–12 schools, and some private K–12 schools. Services include an extensive virtual collection, functional and technical support, access management, integration of GALILEO resources with local resources, training, and marketing/communication for GALILEO.
  • GALILEO Interconnected Libraries (GIL) is the library management system for the 31 libraries of the USG and the Georgia Archives. GIL supports the acquisition, cataloging, access, and circulation of the USG libraries’ over 14 million holdings. GIL operates in a hosted environment. Services also include a central universal catalog, authority control to establish consistency in cataloging that makes resources easier to locate, and courier services (GIL Express).
  • The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG), which is based at the University of Georgia, is a GALILEO initiative. The DLG is an online gateway to Georgia’s history and culture in more than one-half million digitized books, manuscripts, photographs, government documents, newspapers, maps, audio, video, and more that are housed in libraries, museums, government agencies, and allied organizations across the state. The DLG includes the Georgia Government Publications, a full-text database with over 34,000 documents from100 state agencies dated from 1994 to the present. DLG is also a major content hub for the Digital Public Library of America.
  • Library Services provides the technical support and hosting for the New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE), the first digital state encyclopedia. The NGE was developed through a partnership with the Georgia Humanities Council, the University of Georgia Press, and GALILEO.
  • Affordable Learning Georgia, GALILEO’s newest initiative promotes student success by providing affordable textbook alternatives. It is a A one-stop service to help USG faculty and staff identify lower-cost, electronic, free, and open educational resources (OER), building on the cost-effective subscription resources provided by GALILEO and the USG libraries and building on a partnership with California State University System and Merlot.
  • Georgia Knowledge Repository (GKR), a statewide repository to ensure exposure the scholarly output of the USG to include digital objects such as electronic theses and dissertations, technical and research reports, pre-print research, working papers, research proposals, conference papers, electronic journals, and service publications much of which may not published in other ways.

Strategic Plan

The University System of Georgia will create a more educated Georgia that is prepared for the global, knowledge economy by increasing degree completion, ensuring academic excellence, spurring research and creativity, driving business creation, and making effective and efficient use of resources.

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Student Affairs

Photo of Dr. Joyce A. Jones

Dr. Joyce A. Jones
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
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Student Affairs is responsible for advising the Chancellor and the Board of Regents on all matters affecting student life on the campuses of the 31 colleges and universities comprising the University System of Georgia. Student Affairs provides system-wide leadership and support in furthering campus efforts to provide for the intellectual, cultural, social, recreational, emotional and personal development of all students.

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